The Digital Compass, developed by Insight SA, is an interactive learning tool. It enables individuals and groups of individuals to respond to a series of questions about their online activities.

Groups can work with the Digital Compass synchronously or asynchronously, and is adapted for use in face-to-face, remote and hybrid learning situations.

After responding to all questions, participants are attributed a fun media profile and several tips on how to improve their safety and wellbeing online.

No personal information whatsoever is collected by the tool.

Insight SA is a network of experts striving to foster children’s digital skills, encouraging them to understand and protect their rights and assume their responsibilities as active digital citizens.

To further these goals, Insight has set up the European Council for Digital Good, which brings together young people from all four corners of Europe.

The ECDG members implement peer-learning actions in their own country, participate in public debate and contribute to the online safety and wellbeing of their peers through their own initiatives.

Based in Luxembourg since its creation in 2003, Insight functions as a not-for-profit organisation.

Key stakeholders include national and international public institutions, industry, civil society, schools and youth and parent groups worldwide.

Insight has been a member of Facebook’s Safety Advisory and Youth Advisory Board since 2015.